Barack Obama And The BP Oil Spill Crisis: A Major Triumph And Accomplishment! :)

President Obama scored a great victory over a multinational corporation, British Petroleum, today, when he got them to apologize for the tragedy of the oil spill; to agree to $100 million to cover lost wages; and a minimum of $20 billion to cover economic and environmental damages in the Gulf of Mexico, to be administered by a third party, and with no cap on the ultimate amount that might be paid out!

This is a massive victory that the President can be proud of, and will stand out as one of the most outstanding triumphs in American history against big business corporations!

It came about after the President was unable to gain an increase in corporate liability from Congress, from the present $75 million to $10 billion, due to the opposition of Republicans, who don’t as a party want to hold big business accountable for its transgressions!

Think about it: If John McCain had been in the White House, or George W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan, would we see such strong action and results on a crisis such as this? The answer is NO, and once the understanding of what has happened becomes evident, it will help improve the public opinion ratings for President Obama and his party, as it will be further proof of the difference between the two major political parties!

As horrible as this Oil Spill Crisis is, and as sad a situation as it presents to the country over a long period of time, it is also a reaffirmation of how fortunate we are to have Barack Obama in the White House!

While the “chattering class”, the news media, on both the Left and the Right, has been critical of last night’s speech as not doing enough, I think it is time for reassessment, at least on the Left, of their hasty judgment!

The Right will not change its view no matter what, but any fair minded assessment of what has happened should lead to a positive impact by the American people relating to the President’s handling of this crisis!

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