The Clintons And Barack Obama: How Time Heals Wounds! :)

It is amazing how time heals wounds! 🙂

Considering the “bad blood” that existed between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during the Presidential primary race of 2008, and the strong criticism and attacks of her husband, President Bill Clinton against Obama, sometimes reaching an extreme stage, it is something to behold how both Clintons now defend President Obama to the hilt! 🙂

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been a very loyal, supportive cabinet member, and has done a brilliant job in conducting foreign policy around the world, although of course, there is always room for criticism on some specifics, depending on one’s vision of the world!

But also, Hillary Clinton has now made clear her support of the President on budgetary matters and the national debt, comparing the much better economic conditions that her husband left to President George W. Bush, as compared to the sad situation financially that President Obama inherited from President Bush!

Additionally, President Clinton, in a commencement speech at Yale University, denounced the “birthers” and their continued assertion that President Obama was not born in the United States! He made reference to how the state of Hawaii has gone to all limits to prove that Obama was born in the 50th state, and how outraged he personally is that the mythology about Obama being born in Kenya continues to exist!

So the former Presidential couple have become fast supporters and advocates of the 44th President, and that is a good thing, and makes both Clintons look far better than they appeared during 2007-2008!

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