A Sad Milestone: 1,000 Military Killed In Afghanistan! :(

A sad milestone has been reached in Afghanistan, with the announcement yesterday that the total of American soldiers killed in that forbidden nation has reached 1,000!

The war has seen a growing number of killed and wounded, since President Obama increased American involvement, and yet there are no clear cut signs that the war is being won! 🙁

It is indeed tragic that we are losing our young, dedicated men and women in a country that NO other nation has ever been able to succeed in militarily!

This includes the British Empire and the Soviet Union, and one would think that it would be clear that committing more troops to that horrific location is an exercise in futility! 🙁

One can only hope that our involvement will be cut down dramatically in the summer of 2011, the supposedly beginning date of withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was set by Obama when he announced the troop increase late last year!

But the loss of life up to now, and over the next year or more, is still a tremendous, wrong headed tragedy!

We mourn the death of these young people who are so patriotic, but are being sent to a battlefield that has no solution! 🙁

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