The Age Issue In America: The Young Versus Baby Boomers And The Elderly

It is becoming more evident that there is an age issue in America–between those under 45 and the Baby Boomers 46-64, and even those older than the Baby Boomers.

The Baby Boomers grew up in an era where cultural issues were very different than today. As children, most never knew anyone who was an immigrant, and for the white Baby Boomers, most did not know many people who were minority, or those who spoke foreign languages as a primary language.

Many also did not know gay people or have to deal with the issue of gay marriage, since marriage was only possible between a man and a woman.

Most Baby Boomers did not have to deal with affirmative action, and often did not associate or socialize with many people of minority status on a regular basis.

Interracial marriage was unusual, and marriages between people of different ethnic backgrounds were limited mostly to Jews marrying Italians or Italians, Polish and Irish white ethnics intermarrying. The whole concept of true racial and ethnic mix was rare.

Now we live in an era of young people associating with others who are of immigrant status, different racial and ethnic mixes, and gay, both at work and socially.

Therefore, those who are young tend to be more open minded and to be against those who attack illegal immigration, civil rights, and gay rights in a discriminatory manner! They are much more tolerant, as a group, than their parents or grandparents!

The good thing about this chasm is that the future lies with the young, and therefore as more become engaged in voting and participation in their country’s government, the odds of acceptance of immigrants, minorities and gay people being treated in a way that makes the nation proud, grows dramatically!

A multicultural America with a “live and let live” attitude toward people who are different in appearance, language, and even sexual preference is around the corner, even if now it is a major cultural conflict! The future is clear, but it might take a while for this to emerge, meanwhile adding tension to social division in America!

But the party that recognizes the future has a long range opportunity to succeed, and right now, it is evident that the Democrats are that party!

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