Hawaii Settles The Issue Of Barack Obama’s Birth: He Was Born In Hawaii! :)

The “Birther” movement has been very active and refusing to concede that President Barack Obama was, indeed, born in a hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This craziness has continued despite contemporary newspaper reports of his birth to his parents. All kinds of people, including some members of the Republican Party, including Michele Bachmann, have been unwilling to drop this farce of an issue!

Orly Taitz, the California dentist and lawyer who has been the titular leader of the “Birther” movement, refuses to give up the fight to declare that Obama is not eligible to be President, because, according to her, he was born in Kenya!

But now, the Hawaii state government, led by Republican Governor Linda Lingle, has made a public statement of the facts of Obama’s birth information, and she has said she personally saw his live birth certificate in the archives, and that no more will the state government react to the nearly 50 requests a month for proof about Obama’s birth!

Realize that this is no Democrat or liberal saying this! It is the REPUBLICAN governor of the state, certainly NOT a liberal, who says this!

So Orly Taitz, Michele Bachmann, and all of the other crazies who continue to promote this issue–it is time to cease and desist, or be considered certifiable for admission to a mental hospital! 🙂

One comment on “Hawaii Settles The Issue Of Barack Obama’s Birth: He Was Born In Hawaii! :)

  1. donut May 17, 2010 11:23 pm

    “It is the REPUBLICAN governor of the state”
    Who is going to be very wealthy after the Akaka bill passes.
    A bill that has been struck down 14 times since 2000.
    Obama signed on as sponsor on immediately after meeting Lingle and the first ‘We will not release’ statement.
    His sponsorship will get it passed.

    Grow up – she is a Politician first and she is securing her (very lucrative) retirement.

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