The Military And Adaptation To Change: Not Easy, But Essential!

The American military is facing demand for change in many different ways, more than in a long time!

Among the changes about to occur soon are:

1. The likelihood of the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, therefore allowing openly gay men and women in the military.

2. The banning of smoking on submarines.

3. The introduction of women to submarines, the last vestige of gender discrimination falling by the wayside by 2012.

4. The growing number of air force pilots who work out of Nevada with robotic drones in Afghanistan that are computer controlled, with these pilots working long shifts and then going home to their families!

The technology issue is probably the easiest to adapt to, although many Air Force pilots probably look down at those of their group who are not literally in the combat zone, facing possible death.

Smoking bans have been growing all over the country, but forcing it on submarines will be a cultural problem for many, but essential for promotion of good health.

Having openly gay people in the military and women on submarines will be the most difficult to adjust to, for many culturally conservative military types.

But life IS change, and overall, these steps forward are good for the military and for American society as a whole!

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