More Than Half A Million Jobs Created In Last Four Months: A Good Start!

The US Labor Department reports that a total of 573,000 jobs have been created in the past four months!

Revised figures show 14,000 job growth in January, 39,000 in February, 230,000 in March, and 290,000 in April!

This is great news, but the reality is that, even with that job growth, with more seeking work, the unemployment numbers went up from 9.7 percent in March to 9.9 percent in April, which sobers the thoughts of happiness!

There is a long way to go, considering that there are more than 15 million people out of work, and it will still take many years before the unemployment rate returns to “acceptable” levels of 5-6 percent.

This is the result of failed economic policies of the Bush Administration, plus the open abuses practiced by corporations and banks, which led to the Great Recession we are now suffering through!

But at least, there is optimism that the number of jobs created will continue to grow as the months go by!

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