Time For Banning Off Shore Oil Drilling Permanently!

If the recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, with the leak from the British Petroleum oil rig, leading to what will probably be the greatest environmental disaster in American history, is not enough information to tell us that off shore oil drilling around our coast lines must be banned, then nothing will! 🙁

It is time that senators such as Mary Landrieu of Louisiana stop catering to oil companies, and start representing the many struggling poor and middle class people of her state, many of whom will be impacted by the environmental disaster now taking place!

This is the moment finally to start promoting wind power and solar power and other alternative sources of energy, and get away from the pollution caused by both oil and coal!

This is the opportunity,  when the “iron is hot”, to promote the permanent banning of off shore oil drilling, while the Democrats have the opportunity to push the issue, which should be a winning issue with the American people, particularly in the crisis atmosphere now existing!

Jimmy Carter, much maligned in many ways, still stands out as the courageous President who was willing, over 30 years ago, to push the idea of alternative sources of energy,and it is time we started to listen and follow his lead on this issue! In the long run, it will make us finally NOT dependent on foreign oil, which affects our national security in a threatening way!

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