The Incongruity Of Terrorists And Gun Rights Versus “Miranda Rights”!

Everyone is in agreement that terrorists are “terrible” people who must be kept track of so they cannot get on planes, but if the suggestion is made that such people on a “watch list” should not have the right to buy arms or weapons, forbid the thought, as it means the loss of “gun rights”! šŸ™

How could anyone in their right mind think it is alright for people being tracked by the FBI to have the ability to buy weapons and explosives that could be used to attack Americans on the streets of our cities? What is it about “gun nuts” that they cannot see the craziness of unwillingness to limit ability of such people to buy arms, when it is for no good purpose? šŸ™

That is exactly what Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, often quite reasonable on many issues, has declared! Don’t dare touch the Second Amendment, even for dangerous people, who are being tracked because they are thought to be a threat to all of us! šŸ™

But at the same time, if terrorists are American citizens, as the Times Square terrorist is, Graham says that they should not be read their “Miranda rights”, and Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut wants to strip citizens who commit terror of basic citizen rights after the fact! šŸ™

How loony these senators are, and how inconsistent they are! šŸ™ Rather than use common sense, and stop angling for votes and to please extremist constituencies on the right, they use irrational thoughts which do great harm to our Constitution and Bill of Rights and national security! šŸ™

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