Ted Deutch A Worthy Successor To Robert Wexler as Palm Beach/Broward Congressman!

South Palm Beach Country and Northern Broward County in Florida were fortunate to have Robert Wexler as their Congressman from the beginning of 1997 to the beginning of 2010! Wexler chose to leave and become engaged in the promotion of Middle East peace through leadership of a Middle East organization dedicated to that endeavor!

But as of April 15, the Congressional district I am a resident of has been blessed to have former State Senator Ted Deutch as its new Congressman, and already he has been successful in pushing through rebates for homeowners nationwide who have been victims of nature, including hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and other natural disasters!

Imagine, it has only been three weeks since Deutch took the oath, and already he has had an impact! 🙂

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has appointed Deutch to the same committees that Wexler was on, Foreign Affairs and Judiciary, arguably the two best committees to be a member of in the House of Representatives!

Deutch has pledged to work against Iran and for Israel’s security, and also to support civil rights and abortion rights!

This is fantastic news, and Deutch will be a worthy successor to Robert Wexler and represent his district in an exceptional manner! 🙂

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