State Budgets And The Link To Federal Stimulus Funds

It is truly ironic that in a time of tremendous stress for all state budgets, it is the federal stimulus money passed a year ago by Congress, with the urging of President Barack Obama, that is “saving” many states on cutting teachers, firefighters, police officers, prison guards, and state government agency workers!

For instance, the state of Florida, seemingly hellbent on becoming as reactionary in government policies as South Carolina and Texas and Mississippi, seems unwilling to attribute their final state budget to the help of the federal government, but if it was not for $3 billion in federal money, there would have been no way to deal with state problems in a fairly reasonable way!

Not that what Florida and other states are receiving this year is adequate enough, as already there are hints in various counties in Florida, and other counties in other states, that there will be an education crisis, law enforcement emergency, and public safety shortcomings!

Despite all the attacks on the federal government, it seems clear that another economic stimulus is essential to keep the states afloat in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression!

What it comes down to, again, is that the states “hate” federal intervention, but in the modern world since the Great Depression and World War II, it has been unavoidable that the national government must play a major role in the lives of all Americans!

One comment on “State Budgets And The Link To Federal Stimulus Funds

  1. Fred May 4, 2010 6:44 am

    It’s a fine Southern tradition – rail at the federal government while taking their checks. If my memory serves me correctly, Mississippi gets the most in federal dollars per capita of any state in the United States but you will find no friends of the federal government in that state (officially, that is). Without the federal money, the state would have gone broke in 1929. It’s been on the federal dole ever since.

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