Congressman Duncan Hunter, Jr. And The Constitution

Freshman Congressman Duncan Hunter, Jr. of California, the son of his namesake who was a long term Congressman and a Presidential candidate in the Republican campaign of 2008, has outraged many with his proposal that children born of illegal immigrants be deported with their parents!

Hunter, who is the only combat veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to be serving in the Congress, had a great advantage being elected to Congress, being the son of a famous father, and running to replace him in his seat. He is to be respected for his military commitment to his country, but on this specific issue, he is totally wrong!

The Constitution makes it clear that if someone is born within the territorial limits of the United States, he or she is a citizen of the United States, and cannot be deported!

Therefore, this kind of suggestion is counter productive, and only incites Tea Party Movement people and racial supremacists who are using the Arizona law to promote their anti Latino and Hispanic motivations!

Hunter should use his time in Congress, instead of dividing people and promoting hysteria and panic, to help arrive at a conclusion that is contributory toward a solution of the illegal immigration problem!

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