Sarah Palin Support Collapses! Not A Nice Birthday Present! :)

Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin received a very unpleasant 46th birthday present today, but it is good news for the country!

Palin obviously hurt herself in her performance at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, and her followup interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Channel. She was ridiculed on the Comedy Channel by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, and on the late night talk shows. She was even made fun of by Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs earlier this week, with him showing his hand with notes written on it, causing laughter among the press corps.

One could feel bad for Sarah Palin, but she has caused her own grief, and the country cannot afford to have a person of her limited knowledge and capability being seriously considered as a Presidential candidate.

Thankfully, the new ABC News-Washington Post poll gives evidence that the American people understand that fact!

According to the poll, 71 percent feel Palin is NOT qualified, as compared to 26 percent who think she is qualified for President.

45 percent of Republicans think she is qualified, down from 66 percent a few months ago.

37 percent of the people have a favorable view of Palin in a general sense, compared to 55 percent who see her unfavorably.

Hopefully, the Palin base support will continue to erode, and we will spend time focusing on QUALIFIED candidates in the Republican party for the Presidential nomination in 2012. There are many who would qualify, no doubt!

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