The End Of The United Kingdom As We Know It Is A Disaster For Them, Europe, And The United States!

The decision of the population of the United Kingdom, by a 52-48 percentage, to leave the European Union is a disaster for them, Europe, and the United States long term!

The election is a victory of the uneducated white people of rural areas against people of other races and religions, and is, therefore nativist, racist, and xenophobic, and an attack on urban areas in the nation, particularly the capital of London, which has no issue with diversity and immigration.

London, and Scotland voted yes, an odd combination, and we can forecast the future breakup of the United Kingdom, with Scotland becoming independent, and Northern Ireland breaking away, creating a possibly new Irish civil war between Catholics and Protestants.

The security of Europe and America is not helped by the disintegration of our closest ally, and world finance, tourism, and unity against terrorism will be drastically affected in a negative fashion.

The world is much more unsafe and unstable than it was yesterday, and now, more than ever, we need a steady and experienced hand in the White House and that is Hillary Clinton!

We cannot allow the “Know Nothingism” of the majority of the United Kingdom to infect us, and elect Donald Trump to the Presidency!

Republican Party Born Over Race And Immigration Controversies, And Dying Over Race And Immigration Controversies!

The Republican Party was born in 1854 over the issue of race and immigration controversies, and now, 162 years later, it is dying over the issue of race and immigration controversies!

The difference is that in 1854, the Republican Party was created on the basis of open mindedness and tolerance on both the issue of slavery and the discrimination against Catholic immigration from Ireland and Germany.

Now in 2016, the Republican Party is destroying itself after years of promoting racism and nativism, and finally nominating a Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who is tearing the party to shreds, and will be held responsible for the party’s demise!

But really, the party has been headed in this direction for the past generation, and has been a total disgrace in its promotion of hate and intolerance which has besmirched the good name of innumerable Republican—Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, state legislators—who were proud of their commitment to the principles that led to the rise of the Republican Party and its defense of freedom, liberty, and open mindedness!

Gay Rights Moves Ahead With Popular Vote Victory Of Gay Marriage In Ireland, But Marriage Is Not Something To Be Voted Upon By The People!

The gay rights movement has been gaining many victories in the past decade, particularly in America, but now we have the shock of formerly conservative Catholic Ireland having a referendum on gay marriage, with the final vote being 62-38 accepting it.

This is the first nation where popular vote has been the method for gay marriage, but that does not mean that the issue of marriage should be voted upon by the people.

The idea that who one wants to marry should have his or her decision left up to others is disgraceful, and imagine if that had been done about interracial marriage in the 1960s in America, instead of a Supreme Court decision.

Allowing people to utilize their prejudices and hate to deny others basic human rights is unacceptable in every way!

So while it is a great victory in Ireland, asking the masses of the population to decide whether someone has a right to marry, it is not a trend that should be encouraged, as it should be left up to the courts, or the legislative branch to deal with such an issue of civil and human rights!