White House Veterans Dinner

Iraq War Veterans Parades In New York City And Elsewhere Very Appropriate Now!

St. Louis, Missouri became the first city to host an Iraq War Veterans Parade to honor the soldiers who fought bravely for our country in the nearly nine year war in that country.

New York City has shown reluctance, led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to host such a party, as the war in Afghanistan continues, but veterans groups are calling for parades not only in New York City but elsewhere, and there is nothing wrong with that.

As it is, the White House will be hosting 200 invited veterans at a special dinner to honor the veterans, but why should not the average citizen be able to demonstrate their patriotism and respect for those who fought, those wounded, and those killed in the line of duty now, rather than in an undetermined future when the Afghanistan War ends?

Honoring our soldiers is the least we can do, as they protected us and fought for the principles of our country. So let’s see a parade very soon in New York City and elsewhere!