Water Supply

The California Drought A Tragedy For The Nation!

Climate change and global warming is becoming a crisis for America’s economic future, and particularly in California, where one out of every eight Americans reside.

The drought going on in California is historic, and it will affect agriculture directly, but also the entire economy not just of the Golden State, but of the nation at large.

Shortages of fruits and vegetables will dramatically raise the cost of living, and these are foods that are so important for the health of all human beings.

Jobs will be lost as the parched earth of California continues to multiply, and water supplies are rapidly dwindling, and water is a basic of all sustenance.

Santa Ana winds and generally high dry heat conditions otherwise lead to massive fires that destroy much of the forested areas and threaten homes and lives.

And while the center of attention is California, the same situation affects the western half of the nation, from the Midwest to the Great Plains to the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest.

There are no easy answers as to how to address this crisis, but political stalemate on the environment insures long range damage that will harm America, its economy, and long range well being!

The Obscenity Of Cutting Off Water To The Poor In Detroit!

We are living in very difficult times since the Great Recession of 2007-2009, but one of the worst elements is the total lack of concern about basic human decency and life itself, if one does not have the income to pay one’s bills.

So now in Detroit, a depressed city in a state run by Republicans who have taken away home rule from the Motor City, we are seeing many residents, many of them poor and/or unemployed, who are unable to pay a basic water bill, and therefore, are having their water supply totally cut off, as if water is not a basic part of sustenance!

Without water, one cannot wash and bathe.

Without water, one cannot cook meals for basic sustenance.

Without water, babies and children are endangered, even more than adults.

Without water, toilets cannot be flushed of human waste.

Without water, if fire breaks out, one cannot protect himself against the dangers of injury and death.

Without water, a human being is being told his or her life, and that of his or her family, does not matter one iota!

Without water, people will die in a country which has many religious people insist all fetuses should be born, but apparently,once born, to hell with your children and your personal need for water!

What is wrong with America, that most people will hear about this, and dismiss it, as, after all, they have water?

Should the lack of money tell us that therefore one should die? Apparently so, but that is an obscenity that no moral or ethical person could ever accept!