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The Disgraceful Dr. Benjamin Carson: Right Wing Extremist Exploiting For His Own Ambitions!

Dr. Benjamin Carson was a renowned neurosurgeon who did miracle work on children, and he should be acknowledged and praised for his medical career.

But now that he has retired, he has emerged as a man who has delusions that he can be the Republican Presidential nominee, despite never having been in public office, and he has joined other African American Republicans, including former Florida Congressman Allen West and 2012 Presidential contender Herman Cain, in turning their backs on the African American community, and advocating extremist right wing views!

Carson first became noticed when he condemned the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013, with Obama present to hear his denunciation.

Carson has made outrageous statements, and has employed divisive and incendiary rhetoric, and now works as a commentator on Fox News Channel, and writes a column for the conservative Washington Times.

Carson has said ObamaCare is equivalent of slavery; says “socialized medicine” is adopting Soviet leader Nikolai Lenin’s strategy to control the people; has compared same sex marriage to pedophilia; has said white liberals are the most racist group in America; has praised Russian leader Vladamir Putin for his tough stand on homosexuality; and has attacked the Darwinian theory of evolution and climate change.

A man with such views should not be taken seriously by anyone, but with the fluid situation in the Republican Party, who knows if Carson could emerge as a serious contender?

But there is no possibility of Carson ever being President, even if somehow he emerged as the Republican Presidential nominee, so do not put betting money on such an unlikely scenario!

Tragic News At Washington Times: Conservative Alternative Cutting Back Drastically!

It is indeed sad news when the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, is losing its major conservative alternative to the Washington Post, the Washington Times, as a fully competing entity.

The news today that there would be more than 40 percent cuts in staff, and the earlier announcement of no Saturday or Sunday editions anymore, is a sign of the times in print journalism, but it seems likely that this attempt to resuscitate the competitor to the Post will ultimately fail in the long run.

While no one would compare the Times to the Post in quality, it was still a good thing to have the alternative approach to national and international news, and competition is good in any industry, particularly one dealing with information and knowledge.

The Post once before had lost its competitor, when the Evening Star went out of business in the 1970s, to be replaced in 1982 by the Times. It is hoped that somehow the cutback paper will survive as another editorial voice!