Veterans Bill

Shame On Senator Tom Coburn On Disabled Vets Bill Delay!

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, an outrageous embarrassment for the Senate in general, now stands out as the ONLY senator preventing a vote on a bill to fund homecare providers for 6,800 disabled veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to commemorate our appreciation of our troops on Veterans Day!

Coburn’s reasoning is there is no budgeted money for the bill and that some other programs should be cut to cover the $4 billion expense before it goes through into law.

This concept that one senator can prevent a vote on a bill needs to be changed, as there is no justification to do this, and sends the wrong symbol to our cherished veterans who have sacrificed so much and then see a disgrace of a senator, a man who has shown he is loony and disgraceful in so many statements and actions, destroy a gesture that should be done NOW.

The senator should be censured for his actions, which will not happen, of course, but it should be a lesson to many people that indeed Tom Coburn, who is sponsoring a bill for term limits for Congress, should personally be term limited! 🙁