Two Term Presidency

Barack Obama Meets The “Second Term Syndrome”

Barack Obama has hit a low point in public opinion in his first year of his second term, with the disastrous beginning of ObamaCare, the failure of the website to operate properly. He has also had great trouble getting anything else accomplished in domestic affairs, due to GOP opposition, and is also facing a multitude of troubles overseas.

His Presidency is under assault more than anyone could have imagined after his second election victory just a year ago.

It turns out that what could be called “Second Term Syndrome” has affected Obama, just as it did many of his predecessors who had a second term, including:

George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
Harry Truman
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson

It makes one wonder if a one term Presidency would be better, but then the President would be, effectively, a “lame duck” the minute he is elected, instead of being such at the beginning of a second term, when everyone knows, since the passage of the 22nd Amendment in 1951, that the President is limited to two elections to the White House.

So there is no happy medium between a one term limit and a two term limit Presidency in reality!