Two Party System

Mitt Romney’s Concession Speech: Classy, But Too Much Delayed! Now “Family Time” !

Mitt Romney gave a classy concession speech early this morning, calling for unity and support for joint action on the nation’s problems.

It took him much too long to come out, making him, briefly, look like a sore loser, but he then redeemed himself.

If only his campaign had been as redeeming, and he had shown some character and principle, rather than lying constantly, and proving to be a complete chameleon and phony!

But now, it is time for him to take his wife, Ann, who suffers terribly from Multiple Sclerosis, home, and do what he should have been doing all along—NOT running for President, demonstrating family values, enjoying his wife and sons and their families, continuing to make money on money, and staying out of the political system, so that the Republican Party can reform itself as a true alternative to the Democratic Party, as it used to be in the past.

American NEEDS a responsible, legitimate two party system that does not victimize anyone, but instead brings us together!