The Wealthy Fear Of The “Trifecta”: Obama, Pope Francis, And Bill De Blasio!

Imagine what it is like to be extremely wealthy, part of the top one percent, such as the Walmart heirs and the Koch Brothers!

You would think they have a perfect life–more than they could ever spend, no worries as 99 percent of Americans have daily, able to wield power and corrupt the American political system!

And yet, apparently, they are having nightmares over the so called “Trifecta” of public leaders who demand some compassion, some empathy, some willingness to pay their fair share of taxes, some understanding that the world does not revolve around them!

All of a sudden, instead of most political and religious leaders kowtowing to them, kissing their feet, worshiping their wealth, we are seeing true principle and conviction among some courageous leaders, that it is time for the top one percent to be held accountable! They have destroyed labor and the environment, and have worked to buy a government that favors them, and victimizes the middle class and the poor!

Kudos therefore to President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, as they terrify the elite into understanding that they have met their match!

The wealthy top one percent must be forced to be good citizens, whether they like it or not, or else the American democratic system is doomed for the future!