Sue Lowden

The Nevada Senate Race : Will Nevada Reject Harry Reid For Sue Lowden?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who has been in the Senate for 24 years, may not be a charismatic figure, but he is very much underestimated inside and outside the state.

It is hard to imagine Nevada giving up the great advantage it has with Reid being the Majority Leader. He has always done well by the state, and when one looks at his leading opponent, Sue Lowden, who has been the state’s Republican chairperson, it seems that the voters would have to be crazy to reject Reid!

Sue Lowden has made a fool of herself in suggesting that citizens should go back to what she calls the “barter system”, whereby in the “olden days”, patients paid doctors by giving them “chickens” or offering to paint their home!

When observers first heard and saw Sue Lowden say this in a television interview, they had to pause and wonder if they were imagining what she said! This makes one wonder about the woman’s sanity and fitness for office!

Lowder still faces a primary against another Republican, but if this is an example of what the GOP can come up with, and with the other Nevada Senator, John Ensign, a Republican, under fire for having a sexual affair with a staff member, and then trying to pay off the husband with funds supplied by his parents, it seems hard to believe that Nevada will want to turn their back on Harry Reid, who comes across as effective, if not exciting as a personality.

If Nevada rejects Harry Reid and loses his influence and clout, then it will be a sign that they deserve whatever the results will be!

The Hypocrisy On Health Care Of Republicans: Totally Embarrassing!

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has just revealed the total hypocrisy and lack of embarrassment of two GOP Senators and a Senate candidate on the issue of Health Care Reform.

Senator John McCain of Arizona, who has four times in the past twenty years voted to cut Medicare spending, and spoke up on the need for Medicare and Medicaid reform during his 2008 Presidential campaign, now is trying to stop health care reform by working to guarantee that there are no future cuts in the Medicare program, just the opposite of everything he has always stood for!

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, who last September said he agreed with 80 percent of the Obama health care plan, now says he does not agree with any part of it, that it is all “junk” even though the administration has included a number of GOP suggestions in the revised health care bill, and in theory, he should, by his own earlier statements, agree with more than 80 percent of it now!

And GOP Senate candidate Sue Lowden, running for the nomination to oppose Senator Harry Reid in Nevada, put out a campaign commercial that opposed federal government intervention in health care, as that would threaten Medicare! The problem, of course, is that Medicare IS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Does Lowden think the Nevada population is that stupid, and could it be that all three Republicans mentioned have a problem with being honest and truthful?

The Republican party continues to embarrass not only itself, but its history under Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and even Ronald Reagan. This party is proving to be bankrupt of any ideas or vision, and it is hard to imagine the American people being bamboozled by their propaganda and lies! If that does indeed happen, it is more because of fear and ignorance than anything else, and would be a sad commentary on the future of the country! 🙁