Student Loan Interest Rates

Republican House Votes To End Overtime Pay For Workers, And Double Interest Rates On Student Loans On July 1: What Is Wrong With Them?

The Republican controlled House of Representatives has voted to end overtime pay for workers under the labor laws, and also to double interest rates on student loans from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent, effective July 1!

What could possibly be going through their minds in doing both actions, neither of which will be adopted by the Democratic controlled US Senate?

Why does the Republican Party continue its mission to destroy the middle class, harm workers and college students, and be so mean spirited and nasty?

What motivates them to continue to support the elite two percent, and condemn the average American?

How can they expect to win seats in the Senate and to win the White House with such narrow minded, uncaring actions?

It has become an issue of wondering whether the GOP has any common sense, any compassion for average Americans, any realization that they are shooting themselves in the foot politically, and in so doing, shaming the great Republican leaders of past generations!