Sons Of Confederate Veterans

150th Anniversary Of Jefferson Davis Inauguration As President Of The Confederacy Celebrated In Montgomery, Alabama

This past weekend, the 150th Anniversary of the inauguration of Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederacy was celebrated in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans organized the event, and several hundred attended.

No mention of slavery was found in the proceedings, only that the North had subjugated the South, and that the war was over tariffs, taxes, and states rights.

The War For Southern Independence was invoked as the appropriate name for the war, rather than the Civil War.

This kind of managed event will, unfortunately, still be prevalent over the next four years, as the re-enactments of Civil War battles and events will be constantly celebrated, instead of being seen as a great human tragedy.

The regionalism that still exists is very powerful, and the scars left from the Civil War continue to be an issue today in a different way.

It used to be the Republican Party who was hated and despised in the South, but now the Republicans have become dominant in the South, and it is the Democratic Party which is now seen as the “enemy” of the Southern heritage.

So a complete switch around has occurred, and one wonders what those who fought and died for the Union would think if they came back today and saw how politics have changed in the South!