Single Fathers

A New Approach To Father’s Day By President Obama!

President Obama did the obligatory thing by issuing a proclamation for Fathers’s Day, much as he does for many other holidays and commemorations! This is one of the more routine, but also pleasant, duties of the Presidency!

BUT Obama went a step further, and in so doing, recognized the role of “two fathers”, along with stepfathers, grandfathers, and single fathers!

Going beyond the traditional father and mother family, Obama gave dignity to the reality of many unusual, unconventional family systems that still have a positive effect on the growth, happiness and welfare of children!

Gay fathers can be outstanding parents, and often have a sensitivity that enriches their children. Obama is to be commended for his recognition of the growing reality of fatherhood in every day America, not the idealized view of what some think is the only acceptable way of parenting!