Shirley Sherrod

The Death Of Andrew Breitbart: Not A Time To Celebrate

Andrew Breitbart, an infamous right wing blogger, who ruined the reputation of Shirley Shirrod, who worked in the Department Of Agriculture; and participated in the destruction of ACORN (Association Of Community Organizations For Reform Now), a community based organization promoting voter registration, health care, affordable housing, and other social issues, died yesterday at the age of 43.

Utilizing lies, deception, falsehoods, and with no basis of fact, Breitbart had no problem with destroying the reputation of others in his mad quest for influence and power in the media.

His attempted destruction of Shirley Shirrod as racist was proved to be false, and she moved ahead to sue him, and was doing so at the time of his death. But she proved she was better than him, by expressing shock and sadness at his sudden death at a young age, a sign of her classiness.

ACORN, sadly, was destroyed, with Fox News Channel assisting in the dirty deed, based on false realities and facts.

Breitbart also helped to expose New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was stupid and arrogant enough to post inappropriate pictures on social media, and delighted in that expose, leading to Weiner’s resignation.

Breitbart had no ethics or morals when it came to destruction, and yet that is not a just cause for some to celebrate his passing. He was a devoted father and husband, and no one should celebrate the demise of anyone, other than a vicious dictator. And he was so young, only 43, dying suddenly of heart trouble.

So we can condemn his activities and lack of ethics, but still feel it is not a time to celebrate, and wish his family well.