Sexual Liaisons

The Bizarre Ending Of The Herman Cain Presidential Campaign

Herman Cain has “suspended” his Presidential campaign, while conceding nothing about the sexual harassment and long term liaison charges lodged against him.

He has invoked God and patriotism, the usual way that Republicans go when they are out to protect their rear flank!

He was able to convince his wife to be there on the platform in Georgia, cheering him on with every sentence of his statement, and proving to be an embarrassment to womanhood that she would be so willing to subjugate herself for her “man”, when in her heart of hearts, she has to know that she is married to a liar, a cheater, an egotist, a braggart, a “windbag”, who has no substance, knows nothing about any topic in public affairs, and is totally unqualified to be anything more than a motivational speaker, since one can always find a gullible audience to be mesmerized by the power of good speech delivery, no matter what propaganda or bull is promoted in the speaking before such an audience!

This man calls himself a “common man” because of his difficult childhood, but he has forgotten what being in poor circumstances means, as he has joined a party that only cares about the wealthy, and having had the good fortune to gain wealth through corporate connections over the years, he is now quite wealthy, and cares not a whit about those he has left behind!

Herman Cain is only about Herman Cain, and his new website is just another way to enrich himself, and satisfy his craving for constant attention and a sense of having power and influence!

And one can be assured that he has not learned from his nightmare last month of accusations from various women, and that he will engage again and again in inappropriate behavior with women, while his wife acts like a “Stepford Wife”, an embarrassment to herself and all women who have any sense of propriety and self esteem, and would throw overboard a cheating adulterer as Herman Cain is!

Herman Cain also said that he would endorse a candidate for President, and it is clear that he will back his good “friend”, Newt Gingrich, since the two men get along well, and actually participated in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate in the past month, one that made very little news!

Certainly, Cain will not back Mitt Romney, who he indirectly referred to, when he said a “common man” without money or a Harvard pedigree as he is, can still become a success.

He will not back Rick Perry, who he accused a month ago of spreading the rumors about sexual harassment, although he had no evidence that he ever presented to prove that was so!

Cain has little association with Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul, so Gingrich will “benefit” from the endorsement, if that endorsement means anything!

In any case, with Herman Cain suspending his race, one can say “Good Riddance”, unless maybe Herman Cain decides with his new website to form a third party movement, further complicating the Presidential race!