Serena Williams

The Tragic Loss Of Civility: An American Crisis

America is in the midst of a crisis–the tragic loss of civility!

It is well known that in society at large, there is road rage much too often, and lack of manners and civility in relations among people in retail establishments, college campuses, sports and entertainment venues, and everywhere else where people mix and congregate.

But when one sees a Joe Wilson displaying rudeness in the halls of the House of Representatives; Serena Williams conducting herself in a terrible manner during a tennis match; and Kanye West interrupting a triumphant moment for a young musical talent who has just won an entertainment award–then we have the right to condemn and deplore such awful behavior, as these people, whether well known or not, are still, by being involved in public affairs of different types, burdened by a higher standard than the average person who does not make the news headlines.

There is absolutely no excuse for displays of this type of behavior by anyone, but particularly for those who are public figures and often are seen as role models for the rest of us. Therefore, it is proper that Joe Wilson was reprimanded by the House of Representatives, and every single Republican should have joined in that condemnation, not just the handful who had the courage and decency to do so. It is also right to fine and suspend Serena Williams, and to condemn and ostracize Kanye West for his atrocious behavior.

This issue of civility is something all of us need to work on, and we must teach our children the importance of having respect for others, whether people of authority or just our fellow human beings. There is absolutely NO excuse for such outrageous behavior as we have seen too much of recently.