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The Ugly, Obscene Cultural Phenomenon Of “Black Friday”

That fairly recent cultural phenomenon known as “Black Friday” has come and gone again.

Developed in the past decade to the point of obscenity, it is the worst part of the capitalistic system, as wealthy corporations entice and encourage mostly people who don’t have much money or who, in any case, should not be going into hock for merchandise they do not need or often don’t even truly want, to act like animals with the most rude behavior and social dysfunction possible!

In recent years, an employee was trampled to death at a Walmart ;yesterday, a woman at a Walmart used pepper spray on fellow shoppers to gain a so called “competitive advantage”; a Target employee, being overly tired from having Thanksgiving dinner and then going to work without sleep before midnight on Thanksgiving Day nearly drowned in a canal in Palm Beach Country, Florida; and some people were robbed and shot at a shopping mall!

All this for a so called “bargain”, while the wealthy stayed at home, either not needing the “deals”, or preferring to do it online rather than in a mob gathering for hours before the opening bell late on Thanksgiving or early on the day after!

It demonstrated again that the wealthy don’t have to go through what average people seem to think they need to go through. and also how corporations, particularly in a time of high unemployment, can exploit their low paid workers to have no right to even Thanksgiving and the early hours of the next day to be free from work. Sure, they get paid overtime, but is that worth the reality of them facing mobs and being overworked and overstressed for the few extra dollars they manage to be paid for their sacrifices?

Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Kohls, Macy’s and J C Penney’s, and all the other retailers who have made this “Black Friday” idea the obscenity it is, should be condemned for their greediness and lack of concern for both labor and the public safety. But, after all, what matters is the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, the PROFIT over humanity!

Sad and tragic, VERY SAD AND TRAGIC!