Trump Is Behind Biden Nationally By 7 Points, And Fear, Panic, Hysteria, And Accusations Of Radicalism Are NOT Working!

Donald Trump has been behind Joe Biden all year, and presently is seven points behind Biden in national polls. The numbers between the two men have been very stable and consistent, amazingly so!

Trump has promoted fear, panic, hysteria, and accusations that Joe Biden is a radical and Kamala Harris, the black and Asian woman, is a danger as she is the power behind the throne, as if Joe Biden has no brain matter left, when it is precisely Donald Trump who has been acting very wacky and unstable, more so every day.

Again, Trump is using the psychological term of projection, looking in the mirror and then accusing Joe Biden of any one of Trump’s shortcomings.

It is not Joe Biden who threatens a radical government, as that is not his history!

It is Donald Trump who is promoting the concept of seizing absolute power as a Fascist, and defying the Constitution’s 22nd Amendment, which limits an elected President to two term as a maximum.

It is obvious that many different voting groups are seeing Trump as what he is—the criminal who has caused more deaths in peacetime than any President in history, and has presided over the most corrupt, venal government imaginable, and has done horrible damage to America domestically and in foreign policy.

Donald Trump will face prosecution and prison time, which he richly deserves as a traitor, and a tragedy as, by far, the worst President ever in the Oval Office!

A Sad Development: Hull House (Chicago), Jane Addams’s Settlement House, Goes Into History!

Hull House, the original “Settlement House” founded by Jane Addams in Chicago in 1889, is “biting the dust” in difficult economic times.

Founded as a model for others, Hull House had middle class and wealthier people operating and contributing to a place where immigrants and the poor could come and receive services, much of it gained by private contributions, but also with the growing involvement of government as a commitment to those less fortunate.

With the Great Recession doing its damage, even when the Great Depression of the 1930s did not impede its work seventy years ago, Hull House becomes another victim of the lack of commitment to the poor and deprived, at the same time that the wealthy become wealthier than ever before.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on trying to “fix” political results in the White House or Congress or the states, as Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers and innumerable others are doing, as a result of the Citizens United Case of the Supreme Court two years ago, it would be so much more productive if wealthy people gave aid to what today would be called “community or neighborhood centers”.

But, of course, the fact that Barack Obama was a “community organizer” in Chicago is portrayed as if the future President was a Marxist, a Socialist, a radical, or a much maligned follower of Saul Alinsky, who has been demonized so much by Newt Gingrich, that if Alinsky was alive, he would have grounds to sue Gingrich for defamation of character.

In the midst of great deprivation, we seem to have no time to consider what poverty in America is like, what it is like to be an immigrant, what it is like to be stereotyped.

So Hull House’s demise is only a symptom of the crisis we face in an America that supposedly believes in equal opportunity and the “American Dream”, but does not practice it! Social Justice is the loser!