Private Sector Jobs

The Reality Despite Quinnipiac Poll: Lowest Unemployment Rate And Highest Job Growth Since 2008!

The Quinnipiac Poll may show Barack Obama to be the worst President since 1945, but it is clearly an outlier, and should be totally ignored.

The facts are that we have just learned that the unemployment rate is now, at 6.1 percent, at the lowest since September 2008, and over the past five months, more than a million jobs have been created, and last month, 288,000 jobs were created, the most in any month since the end of 2008.

So Barack Obama has succeeded in taking us out of the worst conditions of the Great Recession of George W. Bush. Additionally, the economic growth is really taking off, according to economists, the fastest growth in the first half of the year since 1999.

This has occurred despite constant obstructionism and refusal to cooperate of the Republican Party in Congress, and the only reason that wages are not higher, and the middle class and the poor are still in crisis, is due to their refusal to cooperate in creation of infrastructure jobs, raising the minimum wage, and extending unemployment compensation. So private sector jobs have been created in larger numbers than any previous President, but public sector jobs have become victim to the machinations of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, et al.

But the Republicans are failing to prevent great progress, including the highest stock market finish in history today, and they will pay for this at the midterm election, as the Democrats can now say that the economic policy of Barack Obama is working, and that will motivate more Democrats and Independents to come out and vote in the midterm Congressional elections and the state elections.

If prosperity continues, by the time Barack Obama finishes his Presidency, he might be seen as one of the great Presidents on the issue of revival of the economy, and without a major war, which helped Franklin D. Roosevelt to push us out of the Great Depression after an equivalent six long years!

Facts, Not Opinions—Democrats: 42 Million Jobs, Republicans: 24 Million Jobs In Past 52 Years!

People love to give their opinions, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but NOT to the facts!

So an indisputable FACT is that Democratic Presidents in the past 52 years (under Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama )–a total of 24 years, have presided over the creation of 42 million private sector jobs!

At the same time, under Republican Presidents for 28 years of the past 52–four years more—only 24 million private sector jobs were created (under Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and both Bush Presidencies)!

Look at that massive advantage, nearly two thirds of jobs created under Democrats, with four years less in the White House!

One can be sure that there will be those analysts who will try to twist the numbers, but these are facts, not opinions!