Presidential Vacation Time

President Obama’s Vacation Time Under Dispute: Give Me A Break!

President Obama will be off to vacation in his home state of Hawaii after signing the Tax Cut legislation that the Republicans finally agreed to in the House by unanimous consent this morning.

Of course, whenever Obama takes ANY vacation time, it is a hot dispute to Fox News Channel and the GOP!

But the facts are that Obama has only taken 61 days vacation in nearly three years in office.

Compare that to George W. Bush who took 180 days up to this point of his Presidency, and Ronald Reagan who took MUCH more time off, enough to make one wonder if he was really on the job!

But, of course, really, no President is ever off the job, as the job goes with him.

So it is all petty stuff when a President is told he may not get away, particularly when Congress takes inordinate amounts of time away on vacation EVERY year!