Presidential Respect

Lack Of Respect For President Obama Escalates In Dangerous Manner!

President Barack Obama has been subjected to more character assassination and signs of disrespect than any President in history!

Sure, there have been strong attacks against many other Presidents, without a doubt!

But the level of disrespect is reaching fever pitch recently!

Most recently, a conservative journalist rudely interrupted the President’s announcement of a change in policy on undocumented immigrant youths under 30, and the journalist would not stop his bitter attack on what Obama was saying! Obama was much too nice to this excuse for a journalist, and the man should be barred from future news events at the White House as a result, but probably will not suffer such treatment!

Now, an exhibit at the Montana State Republican convention shows a building said to be the Obama Presidential Library, with a bullet hole through the structure, a very disturbing event that should be repudiated by all Republicans everywhere, but assuredly will not be condemned, and will be ignored by major Republican leaders entirely!

Earlier such events included Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina interrupting President Obama as he gave a State of the Union Address; and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer pointing a finger at Obama as she met him in the Phoenix airport!

All of this behavior is totally unacceptable, and degrades the sense of respect for the office of the Presidency, and since there will be Republicans in the Oval Office in the future, there is a need to stop such behavior immediately and condemn it wholeheartedly when it occurs!