Obama Conspiracy Theories

The Anti Obama Conspiracy Theories Still Thrive After Seven Years Of His Presidency!

Barack Obama has been subjected to more conspiracy theories and hate mongering than any President since Abraham Lincoln, including Richard Nixon!

The theories include:

Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, and his birth certificate was doctored to show he was born in Hawaii.

Obama was a Black Panther in the late 1960s when he was seven years old.

Obama caused the Great Recession of 2008 before he was in the Presidency.

Obama caused the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when he was a freshman United States Senator.

Obama caused Hurricane Sandy in 2012 to harm Mitt Romney’s Presidential candidacy.

Obama is behind the mass shootings that have occurred under his watch.

Obama is gay, and was married to a Pakistani man.

Obama is the anti Christ.

Obama is trying to subvert the Constitution and cancel elections in 2016 and stay in power (This is Obama’s favorite, and he has chuckled to ask Michelle Obama about how she feels about that lol).

Michelle Obama is transgender, and really a man.

This is all so preposterous, but Barack Obama will survive all of this, and will go down as a President with many accomplishments, and those who have constantly attacked him, including Donald Trump and Fox News Channel  will have a bad reputation in history long term!

Obama Conspiracy Theories And Hate Mongering Has Failed To Defeat our President!

Tomorrow, Barack Obama will be elected to his second term as President of the United States, and all of the conspiracy theories and hate mongering that has gone on since he first announced for President in 2007 up to now will have failed to remove him from the Presidency.

At this time, it seems appropriate to review all of the terrible attacks and character assassination that has been visited on the 44th President.

Here goes, in no special order:

Obama is a secret Muslim and was sworn into office on the Koran.
Obama is in league with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East.
Obama has encouraged a takeover of the nation by Muslims.
Obama has decorated the Oval Office in Mideast style.
Obama is being funded by a Saudi prince.
Obama is secretly gay and married a Pakistani roommate in college.
Obama has had a mistress, who Michelle exiled in anger.
Obama never wrote his own love letters.
Obama went to Mars as a teen.
Obama is the anti Christ.
Obama is a lizard in the image of a human.
Obama has brainwashed all of us, but needs a teleprompter to do so.
Obama’s campaign was funded by drug money.
Obama was born in Kenya.
Obama has a fake birth certificate.
Obama speaks Arabic.
Obama’s real dad was Malcolm X or Frank M. Davis
Obama was a Black Panther.
Obama’s mother and father were Communists.
Billy Ayers wrote the Obama Memoirs.
Obama wants to re-educate your kids in Socialist ideas.
Obama removed the American flag from Air Force One.
Obama will not say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Obama is coming for your guns, gold, your retirement funds and your property.
Obama was behind the BP Oil Spill, the Aurora, Colorado shootings, and Hurricane Sandy..
Obama faked Osama Bin Laden’s death.
Obama had conservative activist Andrew Breitbart killed, as well as others who oppose him.
Obama caused the Great Recession of 2008.
Obama has robbed the rich to help the poor.
Obama’s health care plan promotes death panels.
Obama is the most radical, lawless President in American history.

Are these 31 plus ideas enough craziness, stupidity, and total insanity?

NO President, even Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon or George W. Bush, has had such a high level of mistreatment, disrespect, and faced such wild accusations without merit, that this decent man has had to endure!

But his haters had better get used to the fact that he will be in office for another four years, and will go down as a path breaking President, one of the best in American history, who endured through “thick and thin” to deal with challenges unmatched, except for Lincoln and FDR, but with both having a MUCH smaller population to have to protect and defend from domestic and foreign threats!