NBC Tampa Republican Presidential Debate

Some Observations On The Tampa NBC Republican Presidential Debate

Tonight’s Republican debate in Tampa, sponsored by NBC, was very uneventful, probably the least of any of the last few debates.

Mitt Romney came out swinging against Newt Gingrich, but Gingrich handled it quite well, and avoided dramatics, deciding to operate as if he was the leader, which in a way he is at this point of the battle for the GOP nomination.

Gingrich and Ron Paul seemed to become almost chummy with each other, in agreeing on the issue of the Federal Reserve.

Rick Santorum seemed, again, very strong in his repudiation of Gingrich and Romney, and if there was a “winner” of the debate, it might have been him, but it is doubtful that he can compete in Florida and make any major headway.

The most notable thing about the debate, hosted by Brian Williams of NBC, with the assistance of two Tampa area journalists, was the very proper and orderly audience, a welcome relief from the rude, obnoxious behavior of earlier debates, which upon further thought, occurred primarily at debates sponsored by Fox News Channel.

A Gingrich spokesman complained about the lack of involvement by the audience, but a debate should be that–a debate–and not an opportunity for an audience to act like they are at a sports event or a concert. So kudos to this audience and to NBC News for conducting such a dignified debate!