Mass Murder Epidemic

White Nationalism The True Terrorism Threat In America, And Encouraged By Donald Trump’s Rhetoric

White Nationalism is a far greater threat in America than Muslim terrorism, or undocumented immigrant crime.

The mass murders that have occurred in recent years are most of the time done by white supremacists.

And the problem is that Donald Trump’s racist and nativist rhetoric incites a lot of these people, as at Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, but also the motivation for many other incidents of gun violence.

No one is saying that Muslims or undocumented immigrants from Latin America are totally innocent of any violence, but the numbers of native born Americans who see religion and race as motivations for violence is much higher by comparison.

But if one listens to Donald Trump, one would think only undocumented immigrants or Muslims are responsible for the high level of gun violence, as when such a situation arises, the President always draw attention to it, while ignoring the numerous cases where white supremacists are engaged in the violence.

A Joint Statement And Press Conference Of The Four Former Presidents Now Needed To Call For Action Against Mass Murder Epidemic In America!

The crisis that America faces now after the Aurora, Colorado Massacre last Friday requires courage, principle, and determination being expressed by the men who have held the Presidency, and know of the need for some gun regulation, including banning of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

Therefore, former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, crossing party lines and doing what is moral, ethical, and essential, need to issue a joint statement, and go further.

They need to meet together in public in Washington, DC, hold a press conference, and all four need to make comments to the nation at large on the essential need for both political conventions to adopt resolutions at their national convention five and six weeks from now of the need for gun regulations to stop the mass murder going on in our nation!

Yes, this will stir controversy, and anger the National Rifle Association, but it is time for our former Presidents to forget politics, and bring their stature and dignity onto their parties, and put the opponents of such resolutions and actions on the spot, fully exposed for who they are, and embarrass the anti gun regulation opponents at the least!

This is a national emergency, really more significant than the economy, foreign policy or just about anything else. This is a “war” on America, a “terrorist” attack from within, more dangerous than Islamic terrorism, and it is time for action, and for our four former Presidents to be statesmen, not politicians!