Marty Matalin

Gay Marriage And Republicans: The Rapid Deterioration Of Opposition

Every day, someone prominent in the Republican Party and the conservative movement is making clear that it is time for Republicans to stop resisting gay marriage, to accept it, and move on, as it is a losing battle.

So just in the past few days, we have seen loony talk show host Glenn Beck, Dick Cheney and Bush adviser Mary Matalin, and conservative intellectual George Will speak up on the issue, and this comes after many others are speaking out and advocating acceptance.

Of course, there are still many opponents, particularly the evangelical Christian right wing wing nuts, and they are furious as to the complete collapse of their hateful rhetoric, but that is one of the best aspects of what is happening. And certainly, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum will not stop his bitter opposition, but he is fast becoming superfluous, and will not be a serious candidate for President in 2016.

So there is real good cheer among gay marriage advocates, and the decision of the Supreme Court to accept two cases on the subject for final decision by next June portends a decision favorable to gay marriage, which will prevent states and religious groups from stopping the inevitable result, that gays and lesbians will be able to marry and have the financial benefits and commitments of marriage!