Martha Raddatz

The Biden-Ryan Debate: One Of The Most Memorable Debates In History!

The Joe Biden-Paul Ryan debate last night will go down in history as one of the most memorable, most lively, most stimulating debates in the history of Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. The two men were aggressive and challenging toward each other, and kept the pace of the debate going well, with the excellent assistance of moderator Martha Raddatz!

With most observers seeing a fairly even division as to who won, a lot of it based on one’s own ideological leanings, one can say both candidates came across as intelligent, knowledgeable and competent to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Ryan can be seen as another life long public servant in national politics, entering Congress at age 28, similar to Joe Biden entering Congress at age 30. The two men are diametric opposites, but certainly have the equal ability to stir their bases, and one could imagine Ryan having a long career in Congress and being a factor in Presidential politics for the long term future, similar to what Biden has had in his long career of distinction.

Since both stir animosity in the opposition, and each is very willing to be confrontational in a pleasant manner, one must wonder if either could ever win the White House, but it is not impossible to imagine the two men facing each other four years from now in the Presidential Election of 2016. Stranger things have happened—such as:

Richard Nixon coming back from defeat in 1960 to be elected in 1968.
Jimmy Carter coming from oblivion to be elected in 1976.
Ronald Reagan, after being defeated for the nomination in 1976, coming back to be elected at the oldest age first term of any President in 1980.
Bill Clinton coming back from revelation of a sex scandal to be elected in 1992.
George W. Bush winning the Presidency based on a disputed election count in 2000.
Barack Obama, coming out of “nowhere”, to become our first African American President in 2008.