Main Street

“Socialist” Barack Obama And The Doubling Of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

It is amazing how the right wing continues to call Barack Obama a “Socialist” and worse, and yet the Dow Jones Industrial Average has doubled from its low point in March 2009, due to the Bush Great Recession, and is now at its all time high!

Wall Street is doing fantastically, while Main Street is not, due to the refusal of the GOP and the corporations to cooperate, since their goal is to make Barack Obama a failed Presidency, but even with that, five million jobs have been created in the past four years, recovering the losses under Bush and in the early months of Obama, and beginning to gain beyond the massive losses, the greatest since the Great Depression.

But of course, Obama is made out to be the “devil”, and no matter what occurs, it is always rejected, with the goal being to propagandize so that Obama will be perceived as a total failure in all areas.

But the American people know differently, and a majority twice have chosen him because he is not a captive of the corporations, and is out to regulate Wall Street through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the strong advocacy of holding Wall Street to account of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts!