Jesse Jackson

Rush Limbaugh And The St. Louis Rams Football Team

It is well known that I despise Rush Limbaugh, who I believe has sowed division in this country for the past 21 years on his radio show. He is a detriment to the Republican party’s success and reputation, and has wished for the failure of President Obama, which in my mind is an unpatriotic statement.

Having said that, I think that the concerted campaign by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other African American spokesmen to prevent (successfully) the opportunity of Limbaugh to become a partial owner of the St. Louis Rams football team was ill conceived and, to a great extent, based on lies.

Realize that both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have many “skeletons in their closet”, statements and actions that could be considered by many to be racist and anti semitic. They are not exactly paragons of virtue.

For them to conjure up false statements that Limbaugh never said is dishonest and disgraceful. Yes, Rush has made outrageous statements and claims, and has been and should be condemned for them.

But are we to say that an individual shall be denied the right to make a business deal based on his speech utterances? I say NO, as this is undermining the Bill of Rights that protects all of us, even a despicable character named Rush Limbaugh!