JC Penney

JC Penney Saluted For Pro Gay Rights Message In Its Advertising For Mothers Day And Fathers Day

JC Penney has done a great deed by deciding to advertise in a way that honors both Moms and Dads, whether gay or straight.

Last month, the retailer had advertising which included two moms for Mothers Day, and now, despite hate mail and opposition from homophobic people, many of them connected to religious groups, they have gone ahead and advertised with two dads for Fathers Day.

This is recognition by a major retailer that there are millions of families, mostly unknown, who have accepted the reality of gay parents and gay family members, and that the idea of promoting hate, rather than love, for people, no matter what their sexual orientation happens to be, is rapidly becoming something that the majority of the American people will not accept!

It also shows the courage of JC Penney to counteract, not cave in, because of fear of loss of business, and if those hate mongers want to promote stopping of business with JC Penney, so be it, as the company will not give in to threats and blackmail!