Role Of Women Has Changed In Last Sixty Years, But Republicans Are Still In The 1950s!

American women have made tremendous strides, economically and socially since the 1950sl, but the Republican Party and the conservative movement still seem to want women to be obedient and submissive, and stick to the kitchen and the bedroom, and have no control over their lives!

This is why, ultimately, the GOP is doomed, more than the growing Hispanic-Latino vote for the Democrats.

As long as the Republican Party follows the ideas of Michele Bachmann and other Neanderthal Congresswomen of their party, a total disgrace to womanhood, they will be unable to win enough of the women’s vote in future Presidential and Congressional elections!

Women will not be dictated to, ordered around, and told what to do with their bodies, and they will demand better labor conditions, rather than cutting back overtime pay and benefits!

It is reality that 40 percent of American households have a woman as the primary or only breadwinner. But single mothers make only an average of $23,000, while married women, who are more likely to be white and college educated, make an average of $80,000 if they earn more than their husbands. Twenty four percent of marriages now have a wife making more than her husband, up from six percent in 1960! More women now attend and graduate college, making them less dependent on the man in their life for economic survival!

A depressing statistic is that 44 percent of single mothers have never been married, as compared to 4 percent in 1960, and almost all are poor, and from minority racial and ethnic groups.

The conclusion is that women play a much greater role in American economic life, and are not about to have any men dictate what direction their lives will follow!