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Donald Trump’s Greatest Crime: Destruction Of Federal Government Agencies, Long Term Damage

Possibly the greatest crime Donald Trump has perpetrated in his 15 months of being President is his destruction of federal agencies.

This is particularly true of the Department of Justice, the State Department, the Interior Department, the Education Department, the Housing and Urban Development Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but really all departments in the federal bureaucracy have been affected.

Trump has trashed the FBI and the Justice Department, and Jeff Sessions has been the worst Attorney General in modern history. Trump has worked to destroy the credibility of the Department of Justice, not only in the investigation of his scandals, but also the reversal of so many civil rights policies.

The State Department has so many vacancies in the Foreign Service, and so many able diplomats in the Diplomatic Corps have resigned.

The Interior Department under Ryan Zinke has been a disgrace on the matter of protection and perpetuation of national parks and national monuments.

The Education Department under Betsy DeVos has worked to undermine public education at all levels, and undermined protection of minorities and women under education laws.

The Housing and Urban Development Department under Ben Carson is ignoring the major problems of public housing, and not protecting the rights of tenants.

The Department of Health and Human Services has tried to destroy ObamaCare, but has failed at that, while putting obstacles in the way of those who wish to engage in the program.

The Environmental Protection Agency under Scott Pruitt is a total tragedy, rife with scandal and disgraceful actions against the environment.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may be on its death bed under Mick Mulvaney, an extremely corrupt person, who is also the head of the Office of Management and Budget.

We are in the midst of a great tragedy that will not be undone for decades and one feels helpless as one sees the federal government deteriorating!

JFK In 1960; Carter In 1976; Clinton In 1992; Obama In 2008; Vs Martin O’Malley In 2016: Why The Difference In Fortunes?

In 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy overcame Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, Senator Hubert Humphrey, and Senator Stuart Symington to win the Democratic Presidential nomination, despite being Roman Catholic in religion, and offered “a new generation” of leadership, after President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In 1976, former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter overcame Senator Frank Church, Senator Birch Bayh, Governor Jerry Brown, and Congressman Morris Udall to win the Democratic Presidential nomination, despite being the first Southerner since 1848, and offered “a new generation” of leadership, after President Gerald Ford.

In 1992, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton overcame former Senator Paul Tsongas, Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Bob Kerrey, and former Governor Jerry Brown to win the Democratic Presidential nomination, despite revelation of a sex scandal, and offered “a new generation” of leadership, after President George H. W. Bush.

In 2008, Senator Barack Obama overcame Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Joe Biden,  Senator Chris Dodd and Governor Bill Richardson to win the Democratic Presidential nomination, despite being African American, and offered “a new generation” of leadership, after President George W. Bush.

In 2016, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, despite his outstanding record as Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Governor, has gained no traction against Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and even Socialist Bernie Sanders, all much older than him, and despite O’Malley offering “a new generation of leadership”, instead of going “backward” a generation in age from President Barack Obama.

The question is why O’Malley has gained no substantial support, despite his charisma and good looks, often seen as equivalent to how JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama came across as being, before being elected President of the United States.

The concern is that the Republicans may nominate a candidate who is much younger than the Democratic nominee, someone such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul.  History tell us that most often,  the younger nominee wins over the older nominee opponent, as with Kennedy and Richard Nixon, Carter and Gerald Ford, Clinton and George H. W. Bush, and Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats, in theory, have a “bench” of potential younger candidates in the future, including New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, along with the potential of new senators and governors who might be elected in 2016 and beyond.  But for right now, O’Malley is the Democratic “bench”, and he has failed to stir any support, very frustrating to him and anyone who is worried about the “old timers” who are the top three Democratic nominees for the Presidency this time around.

The Failure Of Two Romneys Seeking The Presidency

So now two Romneys, father and son, have failed in their goal to become President of the United States.

George Romney, Mitt Romney’s father, was a competitor for the GOP nomination in 1968, but self destructed, when after a trip to Vietnam, he said he felt he had been “brainwashed”. At the same time, he had been very transparent about his finances and tax returns, and had been openly willing to be specific on what he believed. He was an honest, competent man, who had been Governor of Michigan for six years, was proud to be a moderate, and later served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Richard Nixon.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, tried for the GOP nomination for President in 2008, and then ran and won the nomination this year. But Mitt only had one term as Governor of Massachusetts, and his record in office was far from successful, while his dad had accomplished a great deal in Michigan.

Additionally, Mitt came across as a man of no principles, no guts, no beliefs, who refused to be transparent about his tax returns or anything else. He stayed away from the news media, which George catered to, and allowed himself to become a captive of the right wing of his party, while George condemned and fought against the right wing and Barry Goldwater in 1964.

And Mitt became an incessant liar, which his dad would have been shocked by!

George Romney was an admirable figure in many ways, while Mitt Romney was far from admirable, and not many political observers will miss him, and it seems certain in the long run of history, George will be seen as far better than his son Mitt!

Another example of a son not being the match of his dad, sadly!

Choosing A Sitting House Member For Vice President Not Productive!

This author mentioned last week that Paul Ryan was the fifth member of the House of Representatives to be nominated for Vice President in the past half century, which is true.

However, two of those five House members were not still in the House of Representatives when nominated for Vice President, and had accomplished beyond being a member of the House. These are Jack Kemp, nominated with Bob Dole in 1996, who was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George H. W. Bush from 1989-1993; and Dick Cheney, nominated with George W. Bush in 2000, who was Secretary of Defense under the first President Bush for the same years as Kemp, 1989-1993.

But the only SITTING House members to be nominated were William E. Miller with Barry Goldwater in 1964; Geraldine Ferraro with Walter Mondale in 1984; and now Paul Ryan with Mitt Romney in 2012.

The first two experiments were a total failure, with Goldwater losing all but six states in 1964, and Lyndon B. Johnson winning the highest percentage in history, 61.1 percent of the popular vote. And Mondale lost all states except Minnesota and the District of Columbia, with Ronald Reagan winning 525 electoral votes, an all time high, and 59.4 percent of the total popular vote!

No one is saying that Romney and Ryan will do as disastrously as the other two cases, but the prospects for victory are based on very long odds!

George And Lenore Romney: Would They Be Proud Of Son Mitt Romney, And How He Has Evolved?

George Romney was the Chief Executive of American Motors Corporation in the 1950s and early 1960s, and then ran for and won the Governorship of Michigan for six years, and was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for four years under President Richard Nixon. He was a candidate for the GOP nomination for President in 1964 and 1968, and at one point, was ahead in public opinion polls for the Presidential nomination in 1968.

George Romney lived in poverty as a young man, but became a self made millionaire, and devoted his political career to moderation in the Republican Party, bitterly fighting Senator Barry Goldwater’s nomination and campaign for President in 1964, saying it was undermining Republican values.

George Romney had a good relationship with the African American community, as HUD Secretary, and was always an activist on civil rights.

George Romney was a very decent man, who, when he ran for President, revealed 12 years of his income tax returns, making it clear that a candidate for the highest office in the land needed to be transparent about his financial matters, and that one year revelations could be very misleading.

Lenore Romney, George’s wife and First Lady of Michigan when her husband was Governor, ran for the US Senate in Michigan in 1970, losing in a landslide to distinguished Senator Philip Hart. But she ran a campaign supporting abortion rights, advocated a national health care plan, spoke up for environmental regulations of industry, and opposed continuation of the war in Vietnam.

This wonderful political couple contributed to their nation not only their political careers, but four children, with the youngest, born in 1947, being Willard Mitt Romney, now the GOP Presidential nominee.

But the problem was that they made life too easy and comfortable for their youngest child, who basically turned out to be a “spoiled brat”, who could bully a fellow student while in high school, as the leader of what could be called a “gang”, and go on to feel that he was “entitled” to what he wanted, and could avoid service in Vietnam by using his Mormon religion as an excuse, which is perfectly legitimate, but showed he had no desire to put his life on the line, since he was a privileged young man, and could evade it, and would do so!

That has been the reality of Mitt Romney’s life: to evade responsibility, to take advantage of others, to abuse workers in companies he owned, to have no conscience about what he was doing to others, while claiming to be “religious”, and demonstrating willingness to change his mind as often as possible on every issue imaginable, and therefore having no convictions or principles he would not sacrifice for his obsessive ambition to be President!

It is hard to imagine that George and Lenore Romney would be totally proud of how their son has turned out. Of course, they would love him, but it is quite likely they would be embarrassed and distressed about his moving from the center of American politics to the extreme right, something George and Lenore fought against all of their lives, They would also be distressed that he has endorsed stands against women’s rights to their control of their own bodies on the issue of contraception, all for their son to gain the backing of conservative and evangelical voters!

Face the facts: Mitt Romney is NOT George Romney, and his wife, Anne is NOT Lenore Romney, a woman of true convictions, unlike Anne, who gave up her faith to marry a very wealthy guy, agreed that her parents would not be allowed in the Salt Lake Mormon Temple for their marriage, and allowed her dad, an atheist, to be converted to Mormonism after death by baptism without his approval or knowledge!

The children are not the match of the parents in the case of Mitt and Anne Romney, sorry to say!