House Of Representatives Women

20 Women Senators Work Together, Vote Together On Government Shutdown And Debt Ceiling! Why Can’t The Women In The House Of Representatives Do The Same?

It is amazing to behold, but the 20 women in the US Senate get along well, cooperate on many issues, and the 16 Democrats and 4 Republicans all were against the government shutdown and voted to prevent a government bankruptcy yesterday.

The same could not be said about Republican women in the House of Representatives, most of whom voted to let the country go bankrupt—including Michele Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, and Virginia Foxx.

These women and other GOP House members who are female, are a disgrace to their gender and to their nation, and one can only wish that they would all go the way of Michele Bachmann, who has decided not to run for reelection, knowing she is under investigation for corruption, and would have a tough time, in any case, getting reelected.

When one sees any of these three women and others as well, it is noted that they never shut up for a minute to let someone get a word in edgewise, and one can only wonder about the meanness, narrow mindedness, and prejudices of these women, and wish one could place a muzzle on their mouths!