High Temperatures

Interesting Comparison Between 2012 And 1936!

The summer of 2012 has turned out to be, already, the hottest on record in America, since records were kept in 1895, and drought is widespread. And our unemployment level at 8.3 percent is the highest in a Presidential election year since 1936, when it was much higher at the end of the first term of Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

It also turns out that 1936 was, until now, the worst summer for hot temperatures, and for drought as well, but is now second, at least in temperatures, with the drought level comparison still in process.

The only common theme left to witness is whether Barack Obama will win a second term, as FDR did, and how wide a margin he will have, hard to predict, but it is worth pointing out that FDR won the biggest landslide in American history until that time, winning all but two states!