High Speed Rail Systems

High Speed Rail System Investments A Worthwhile Venture

President Obama’s administration is making a major commitment to high speed rail systems in different parts of the country, a good investment in the future, and also a method to help create job growth in a way that benefits everyone.

These high speed rail systems will be built between Tampa, Orlando and probably Miami; Chicago to St. Louis; Sacramento to Los Angeles and San Diego; Boston to New York; and New York to Washington, DC–all of these major centers of population and large scale automobile traffic.

It should be obvious that local and state officials should fully back these investments, but an example of the continued partisanship and pettiness that goes on is the fact that when President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden appeared in Tampa, no Republican state or local officials showed up, even though this investment is good for the state’s future and many Republicans had been supportive of such a venture in the past. This is an example of total hypocrisy that turns the average American off to the whole political game in Washington, DC!