Governor Roy Cooper North Carolina

Mark Robinson, NC Republican Gubernatorial Nominee: A Major Right Wing Extremist!

The Republican Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson, who is African American, is the party nominee for Governor in November 2024, running against North Carolina State Attorney General and Democrat Josh Stein.

This upcoming election is a crisis for the state of North Carolina and the nation, as Mark Robinson is an out of control right wing extremist.

His past record and utterances demonstrate the following:

He is a strong supporter of the National Rifle Association, and spoke out against gun control legislation after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre in Parkland, Florida in February 2018.

He is vehemently anti abortion; denies climate change as reality; wants to promote charter schools and school voucher programs at the expense of public schools; and wants to remove science and social studies from the curriculum for first graders through fifth graders.

He has promoted Holocaust denial, and has made strongly antisemitic statements, alarming the Jewish community in North Carolina and nationally.

He has been harshly critical of African Americans who are Democrats, and bitterly denounces Barack Obama and has called Michelle Obama a man, and called Martin Luther King Jr a Communist, along with the Civil Rights Movement.

He has been strongly anti gay and anti transgender, and is also strongly anti Muslim, and a nativist against various immigrant groups.

He has strongly denounced the COVID 19 Pandemic as a threat, and has praised past dictators, including Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Fidel Castro, while at the same time calling his critics “Communists”!

He also has a record of bankruptcies, owing back taxes, and having misused campaign funds for his 2020 campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

This character is a clear and present danger, and it is essential that Democrat Josh Stein be elected Governor, to succeed Democrat Roy Cooper, who has had to deal with the nightmare of his Lieutenant Governor being totally uncooperative and confrontational in the past four years!

Tricia Cotham, A Turncoat Against Women’s Abortion Rights In North Carolina!

As the struggle to insure a woman’s right to control her own body and abortion rights continues, sadly, we have seen a turncoat against women’s abortion rights in North Carolina.

Tricia Cotham, a newly elected Democratic state legislator supportive of abortion rights, who had formerly served in that body years earlier,completely abandoned what she was elected on as her platform.

Tricia Cotham herself had an abortion in 2015 and defended that action when she was running for the legislative seat in 2022.

She has shown to have no principle, and shocked women’s groups as clearly, she lied, and changed her view, and one has to wonder if she was offered some kind of motivation to change her mind, in a way that harms all women in North Carolina.

The governor, Roy Cooper, vetoed an abortion bill limiting women to 12 weeks instead of 20, but the supermajority Republican legislature, now insured of the ability to override the veto, is almost certain to impose the new restriction, unless one Republican switches his or her view at the last minute.

Tricia Cotham will not go down in history as a principled person, but rather as a person who makes ordinary citizens be very cynical that one cannot trust politicians, and how they can be manipulated so readily!

She also has come across as an extreme gun enthusiast, and promoted Christianity in an extreme manner recently, making one wonder about her mental stability, and certainly, about her level of honesty when she was elected just months ago as the Democratic nominee for her legislative seat, after being in the same legislative body in earlier years, but leaving in 2016.

Tricia Cotham should not have run again now, as she lied to her voters, clear and simple!