“Frugal” Socialist

Michele Bachmann And Socialism: The Ultimate Socialist!

Michele Bachmann loves to attack government programs and socialism, and has now called Mitt Romney a “Frugal” Socialist, and Barack Obama an “out of control” Socialist.

While attacking Socialism, however, in reality, Michele Bachmann is the most “Socialist” candidate in the race for the Republican nomination for President, based on actions!

She and her husband have a family farm, and have accepted agricultural socialism or subsidies worth a quarter of a million dollars without complaint, and even by a thank you note to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack!

Also, her husband runs a counseling service to help gays become straight, supposedly, and this is also federally funded!

Hmm, so Michele Bachmann is an “out of control” Socialist, based on actions rather than words!

Which means Michele Bachmann is an “out of control” HYPOCRITE, big time!