Farm Bill Of 2012

The 2012 Farm Bill: Favoring Big Agriculture, But Cutting Food Stamps As “Waste, Fraud And Abuse”!

The 2012 Farm Bill is becoming the center of controversy as House Republicans are proposing major cuts in Food Stamps, while favoring Sugar, Cotton, and Dairy producers with subsidies that are not truly needed, as farm prices are better, and farm income is at historic levels!

So again, the Republicans are trashing food stamps, as “waste, fraud, and abuse”, while not seeing the same with Big Agriculture!

The fact that poor children are the majority on food stamps, along with the elderly and single mothers, has no effect on the mean spirited Tea Party Republicans!

They would argue that some people on food stamps “abuse” the system, and no one is denying that there is likely some abuse, a few percent, maybe, but there is far greater abuse by agricultural interests who do not need subsidies in good times, but have lobbyists who can fight for them, while poor people, who would be denied necessary nutrition, do not have that advantage.

The fact that school breakfasts and school lunches for the poorest children will be cut dramatically has no effect on the Republicans in Congress.

The fact that lack of good nutrition can stunt the growth and health of children has no effect either.

The fact that the food stamp program is a minor part of the Farm bill and farm programs does not phase these members of the majority in the House of Representatives.

No, they would rather trash the poor, kick them down when they are down, and lack concern for children that they constantly fight for to be born, no matter what, but once they are born, to hell with what happens to them and their mothers, and also to hell with the elderly, who have their lives shortened by poor nutrition, leading to bad health, as well!

And yet, these Republicans are good church goers on the Sabbath!

What hypocrisy, which Jesus Christ would condemn, as he cared about the poor, and did not see religion as based on the acquisition of wealth, and the promotion of selfishness and greed, and lack of concern for thy fellow human being!