Vice President Joe Biden’s Eulogy Of New Hampshire Senator Warren Rudman: A Mirror Image In So Many Ways!

For once, many members of the US Senate, who these days are at odds much of the time, got together today to eulogize New Hampshire Senator Warren Rudman, a reputable, decent moderate conservative Republican, who served from 1980 to 1993, and passed away earlier this month at age 82.

Rudman was always a person who was genuine, decent, caring, and willing to cross the aisle in a compromising manner without giving up his principles. Rudman often bemoaned the way the Senate has become in the nearly twenty years since he left the upper body..

Rudman brought up the importance of fiscal sanity, and came across as a man of principle, concerned about the growing national debt, even back in his time in office, when the Reagan Presidency tripled the national debt.

Biden’s eulogy was heartfelt, describing Rudman as a man who really cared, was sincere and genuine, very approachable, a person who never forgot where he came from, and always treated ordinary Americans with dignity and respect.

Watching that eulogy by Biden reminded me that these descriptive characterizations of Rudman also fit Biden perfectly!

That is the reason why this author has such admiration for Joe Biden, because he is REAL and a GOOD GUY in every conceivable way!